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Rory, Tiger Woods, Michelle Wie, Spieth: All Listen to Music on the Course

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It may once have been be considered a surprise, to see a professional golfer listening to music on the practice green or driving range. However, in the modern game, this is becoming the norm, as players choose to relax before taking to the golf course.

For example, the current world number one, Rory McIlory has regularly been spotted on a golf buggy, making the journey from practice range to first tee, with earphones in, listening to music. Rickie Fowler is another player, who likes to take in a few tunes, before stepping on to the course for the serious stuff. Other players, who have been spotted enjoying music around the golf course, include Michelle Wie, Tiger Woods and Jordan Spieth.

With social media brining professional golfers closer to fans than ever before, it appears as though people are just as interested in what they are listening to, as they are about their actual golf game. An interview with McIlroy in 2014, focused solely on what music he was listening to on the driving range and asked which were his favorite tracks and the benefits of listening to them. For McIlroy, it basically came down to a focus and relaxation thing, helping him get in to the zone before his round.

It seems, if reports are to be believed, that some players, such as Will Wilcox are happy to let their music be heard by the masses. Rather than using a pair of earphones, Wilcox has been known to use a speaker or mobile phone to listen to his music and it's obviously an enjoyable and worthwhile experience for the American. In fact, studies have shown, that listening to music prior to participating in high level sporting events, can help the athlete to perform better. However, although it's becoming common practice for professional golfers to listen to music prior to a round, how about listening to music during a round?

Well, thanks to the new Ampcaddy, this fantastic thought, has successfully been put in to practice.

Ampcaddy, is a Bluetooth speaker, which comes with a special mount, enabling it to be secured to any golf cart. A quick look through the history of golf, would suggest that it's a sport which requires silence to play, which is then broken by a polite round of applause for a good shot. That may very well be the case, however, everything is open to change, modification and improvement. The sport of golf is no different and Ampcaddy is leading the way, in improving and making a round of golf more exciting and enjoyable.


Some people have already started listening to music as the play their way around the course but have been doing so in less than adequate ways. Placing a mobile phone on a hard surface, such as a golf cart cup holder, taking an mp3 player is certainly possible but quickly becomes very awkward and difficult to maintain over 18 holes. This leads to big lapses in concentration when actually playing a golf shot and ultimately, that is something no player wants to experience.

The great thing about Ampcaddy, is that it mounts firmly on to a golf cart frame, immediately eliminating the problems created by all of the options mentioned above. Furthermore, Ampcaddy is waterproof, meaning you can relax if it starts raining, continue listening to your music and keep playing golf. In addition to this, Ampcaddy boasts an 8 hour battery life and can be easily swiveled both left and right when mounted on the golf cart, so the music will always be played in your direction, wherever you are playing your ball from.

With a 30ft Bluetooth range, Ampcaddy will never fall out of range and importantly, the quality of sound produced is comparable to Beats Pill. This means, Ampcaddy is producing sound quality, which is up there with one of the most highly rated mobile speakers available on the market today.

If that's not enough, Ampcaddy can also be used elsewhere, such as the shower. So even when your round of golf is over, the music just keeps on coming.

The world of modern golf is changing day by day. More and more professional players are listening to music around the golf course, not only for fun but as a way to relax their mind and focus on the job at hand. This is now beginning to translate itself on to the actual golf course itself. Thanks to Ampcaddy, the dream of effortlessly listening to your favorite music tracks while playing a round, has just become a reality. Golf and music are merging together like never before and Ampcaddy is leading the way, to offer every golf and music fan the perfect accessory to their round.

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